Norton Reintroduces Resolution Designating September as National ‘Peace Month’, Inspired by D.C. Second Graders

Sep 21, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Today, on the International Day of Peace, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) reintroduced a resolution designating September as national Peace Month and calling on Congress to take action to promote peace, at home and abroad, an idea that came from the Helpful Potato Bugs, a class of second-grade students at Horace Mann Elementary School in the District of Columbia.  In 2018, the students sent Norton a handwritten note, adorned with peace signs, expressing their desire to “help make the world a peaceful place” and for “all Americans to be nice, have no conflicts, and be very peaceful.” 

“I am pleased to reintroduce this resolution on International Peace Day, a day that urges nations around the world to lay down their arms and focus on peacemaking and diplomacy,” Norton said. “This year is unique in so many difficult ways, but for many, it has brought us closer against our common enemy, the coronavirus. I am grateful to the wise second graders who wrote to me in 2018, stressing the importance of a more peaceful America. Congress would be wise to remember that our children are watching, adding to our responsibility to encourage action to help achieve peace around the world. Thank you again to the 2018 Helpful Potato Bugs second-grade students for keeping Congress on its toes!” 

Norton’s resolution is below:  


Expressing support for the designation of September 2020 as ‘‘Peace Month’’ and calling on Congress to take action to promote peace. 

Whereas the United Nations designated September 21‘‘International Day of Peace’’—otherwise known as Peace Day; 

Whereas the United Nations General Assembly declared Peace Day as a day devoted to ‘‘commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples’’; 

Whereas all United Nations member states, organizations, regional and nongovernmental organizations, and individuals are encouraged to celebrate and recognize global peace efforts on Peace Day; 

Whereas Peace Day represents shared hopes of an end to conflict in all forms; 

Whereas the United Nations calls for a 24-hour global cease fire on Peace Day; 

Whereas this year’s Peace Day theme is ‘‘Shaping Peace Together’’; 

Whereas 2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a milestone development in contemporary human history promoting peace and well-being worldwide; 

Whereas violent conflicts could cost upwards of $13.6 trillion per year globally; 

Whereas conflict prevention measures could save between $5 billion to $70 billion per year on average; 

Whereas there is almost no interstate war; 

Whereas the absolute number of war deaths has been declining since 1945; 

Whereas global peace promotion efforts improve the lives of Americans and all peoples; 

Whereas the United States has a long history of promoting peace and human rights at home and abroad; and

Whereas September would be an appropriate month to designate as Peace Month: Now, therefore be it 

            Resolved, That the House of Representatives— 

(1) supports the designation of ‘‘Peace Month’’; and 

(2) calls on Congress to promote peace, both at home and abroad.