Success Stories

“I want to first thank you for all of your help with unemployment case… I don't believe I would have gotten my backpay as quickly as I did without your assistance.”
– Constituent from SW DC


“Thank you so much for your help. Congresswoman Norton’s office came through for me on a vexing problem that has been causing me a great deal of personal stress. It is comforting to be reminded that elected officials and their staff are here to help regular people with their problems.”
– Constituent from NW DC


“I just want to let the Honorable Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton & her staff know that we received our passport today. I really appreciate your office’s willingness to help me and my family. It means a lot.”
– Constituent from NW DC


“I just wanted to email a big thank you to you, Congresswoman Norton, and everyone in your office for assisting me in this process. I received my new passport today during my appointment at the agency and I am so grateful! Thank you again for all of your assistance.”
– Constituent from NW DC


“I truly appreciate your assistance in helping expedite the passport process! It truly means the world to us.”
– Constituent from NE DC


“Thank you. I did receive the payment after your office reached out to the National Guard Bureau. I appreciate it.”

– NE DC Constituent


"Good news! I finally received my IRS 2019 tax return yesterday! I would like to thank you and your office for all of your help over these past months.”

– Constituent from NW DC


"We are deeply grateful for your assistance and plan to keep you updated with our progress!”

– 44-Year-Old Constituent from NW DC


“We are happy to have this issue resolved. Thank you for continuing to push with your contacts.”

– 65-Year-Old Constituent from NE DC


“Every phone and mail communication from IRS says it is in response to your inquiry. I think it is clear that we would never have gotten the stimulus check without your persistence. We are most grateful.”

 85-Year-Old Constituent from NW DC


“Dear Congresswoman Norton, thank you so much for your help, I am immensely indebted to your generous support.”

 36-Year-Old Constituent from NW DC


“My loan was approved today with a co-borrower. Thank you so much for your help. I haven’t been able to work since March 17 so this loan is going to save my business and my life. Thank you so much for your help.”

41-Year-Old Constituent from NW DC


“I’m writing to let you know that the green card application was approved. We credit your office’s assistance with helping keep the case moving along into an ultimately successful decision.”

19-Year-Old Constituent from NE DC


“I would like you to know that IRS just deposited my refund into my bank account this morning and that my Case Advocate at the TAS was instrumental in that resolution. Please, consider my case resolved to my satisfaction and know that I am grateful to your Office for the assistance and frequent communications.”

52-Year-Old Constituent from NW DC


“I wanted to follow up and inform you that I attended my oath ceremony and received my certificate of naturalization as of today. I very much appreciate your assistance in this matter, without which I am certain my application would have been still in limbo. Thank you so very much!”

– 42-Year-Old Constituent from SW DC


“I received my EAD card two weeks ago and resumed work. Thank you so much for all your help. I really and truly appreciate all your efforts! Thank you for all that you and your office does for people like me.”

28-Year-Old Constituent from NE DC


“I actually did receive a call from the IRS which sorted out my problem. The IRS representative mentioned that she made the call due to your office's prompting so I would like to thank you all for your assistance as well.”

29-Year-Old Constituent from SW DC


“I got an email from USCIS today said that my OPT has been approved. I could not believe it! Your inquiry with them definitely brought it to their attention and facilitate the process. I'm so happy that I contacted Congresswoman Eleanor office and received your great support on this. It's the greatest news this week and I can't thank you enough for your caring, understanding and helping me.”

27-Year-Old Constituent from NE DC


“I did receive my travel documents last week. Thank you so much for helping me out during these difficult times. Your help has been invaluable; I don't know how I would have managed without your help and support. Again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your generosity.”

30-Year-Old Constituent from NE DC


“Passports arrived safely! Thank you! Ever so thankful and impressed by your speed and efficiency and help.”

41-Year-Old Constituent from NW DC



“From my initial call to the District office, I could not have been more impressed with and appreciative of their prompt and expert follow-up and follow through. They solved my problem and I cannot thank them enough.”

-Resident from NE DC


“The responses from your staff members were timely, concise and result-oriented. Staff members were good at explaining the business protocol and answering the questions. I am very thankful to have my appropriate benefits in order from OPM.”

-Resident from NW DC


“Thank you so much for all of your help with this, and for all that you do for DC residents!! I honestly cannot thank you enough because it seems like as soon as you contacted OPM, the issue was worked out. Now I can rest a little easier”

-Resident from SW DC


“Once again you and your team came through for us. This is the third time over several years that we've called upon you to help us overcome a roadblock with a federal agency. You staff is wonderful. They respond quickly, thoughtfully, and strategically to get problems solved.”

-Resident from NW DC


“We are amazed that your office was able to assist us with our passport issue so quickly. Thank you for all you and your staff do!”

-Resident from SE DC


“Thank you for your continued efforts for DC! I’m flabbergasted to have my passport case resolved within days. Big thank-you to your remarkable staff.”

-Resident from NW DC