House-Passed Updated Heroes Act Provides Retroactive and Equal Funding for D.C.

Oct 2, 2020
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) announced that her District of Columbia priorities were included in the updated Heroes Act, which the House passed yesterday. The $2.2 trillion bill includes provisions uniquely vital to the District, including state-, city-, and county-level fiscal relief for the District, since D.C. provides each level of service; $755 million in retroactive CARES Act fiscal relief to fix D.C.’s treatment as a territory instead of a state in the CARES Act, considering that D.C. is almost always treated as a state for federal funding; and authorization for D.C. to participate in the Federal Reserve’s Municipal Liquidity Facility. These three D.C. provisions were also included in the original House-passed Heroes Act.
In addition to the D.C. provisions, the updated Heroes Act contains many priorities Norton pressed for, including direct payments of $1,200 per family member, $600 per week in unemployment compensation, rental assistance, and increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.
 “While this bill is over a trillion dollars less than the original Heroes Act, I was able to get equal funding and treatment for the District of Columbia, as was the case in the original Heroes Act,” Norton said. “Democrats have compromised well beyond what is needed in order to provide at least some desperately needed funds. Individuals and families across the country are struggling to keep their heads above water. There is no logic in the Senate further delaying this bill. I have no doubt that the President would sign this bill if the Senate passed it.”