Norton Pledges to Defeat Harris Effort to Block D.C. Ballot Initiative on Natural Hallucinogens

Jul 8, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) today pledged to defeat the latest effort by Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) to interfere with the District of Columbia’s right to pass its own local laws free from congressional interference. After advocates  yesterday submitted apparently enough signatures to the D.C. Board of Elections to get an initiative on the November ballot to make the possession of natural hallucinogens among the D.C. police department’s lowest enforcement priorities, Harris said he would offer an amendment to block the initiative at the House Appropriation Committee’s markup of the fiscal year 2021 District of Columbia Appropriations bill. Norton expects the amendment will be defeated. Norton says defeat is warranted on home-rule grounds, which gives the District the right to decide its own laws.


“After my D.C. statehood bill passed in the House last month and has shown momentum in the Senate, Republicans have become increasingly fearful,” Norton said. “Representative Andy Harris, who has been a chronic abuser of home rule, is the latest example. Republicans are right to be nervous. We will continue to fight any and all attempts to overturn D.C. laws, regardless of the policy, as D.C. has a right to self-government.”