Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

Representing the District of Columbia

Norton Wins Extended Public Comment Period for Proposed Washington Channel Construction, Thanks Army Corps of Engineers

Sep 9, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) today thanked the Army Corps of Engineers for agreeing to her request for 90 days for the public to respond to a proposed rule that would restrict use of the Washington Channel along the Wharf neighborhood.  In August, Norton wrote the Army Corps of Engineers requesting an extension of the 30-day public comment period, noting that it was too short, particularly in August, when many residents were on vacation or traveling.

“Residents and businesses along the Wharf and in adjacent neighborhoods, as well as other water users, need ample time to comment and raise questions and concerns about a project that could significantly affect them daily, particularly considering that the proposed rule could severely limit public access in the Washington Channel,” Norton said.  “I have worked hard to get through Congress my bill to revitalize and open the Wharf to the public.  The Army Corps of Engineers grant of my request for a full 90-day comment period will allow the many affected residents and businesses to fully understand the proposed restricted use of the Washington Channel.”

Norton noted in her original letter that she was particularly concerned that the proposed restrictions would force kayaks and other recreational boats into the same space as water taxis and cruise ships, potentially causing injury.